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FRIENDS Research Projects

Welcome to the FRIENDS research wiki. Basically, this is just a place for us to put up information about our past and present research projects. Older projects might not have a wiki page, so you may need to check the old pages at our old projects page for a complete list.

Security Projects

  • Code Injection – A short work showing the feasibility of constructing a Harvard memory architecture on a per process basis and the applicability to code injection prevention.
  • NICKLE – Kernel rootkit prevention on unmodified operating systems using a virtual machine monitor.
  • Process Coloring – Leveraging OS level information flows for intrusion detection.
  • Data Structure Layout Randomization – Polymorphing Software By Randomizing Data Structure Layout.
  • AutoFormat – Automatic Protocol Format Reverse Engineering Through Context-Aware Monitored Execution.
  • REWARDS – Automatic Reverse Engineering of Data Structures from Binary Execution.
  • LiveDM – Reliable Kernel Malware Defense using a Safe and Temporal View of Dynamic Kernel Memory.

Virtualization Based Distributed Computing

  • VNsnap – Taking snapshot of a virtual cloud environment.
  • vSnoop – Improving TCP throughput in virtual cloud environments.
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