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VNsnap is a system that addresses reliability and resume-ability challenges for Virtual Networked Environments (VNEs) in the context of emerging cloud computing and “infrastructure as a service” (IaaS) paradigms. As VNsnap does not require any changes to the application and operating system states inside the Virtual Machines (VMs) that make up the cloud, it is particularly suited for virtual cloud environments where infrastructure provider has no control inside the VMs. VNsnap is based on Xen 3.1 virtual machine monitor; however, it can easily be ported to more recent releases of Xen. The two main components of VNsnap system are the VIOLIN virtual network and snapshot daemons.


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GENI-VIOLIN: Distributed Suspend and Resume for GENI Experiments (joint work with DOCOMO USA Labs)


A prototype of VNsnap is available upon request. Please send email to



This project was sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the following awards:

  • CNS-0546173
  • CNS-0720665
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